Cesar Chavez

Who Was Cesar Chavez?

Cesar Chavez (1927–1993) was a prominent American labor leader and civil rights activist, best known for his role in the farm labor movement. He worked hard for farm labor until death.

Cesar Chavez
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Early Life

Union leader and labor organizer Cesar Chavez (Union leader and labor organizer) was born near Yuma, Arizona on March 31, 1927. Chavez dedicated his life to improving the treatment, and working conditions for farmworkers. When he was young, his family toiled in the fields as migrant farmworkers.

Working As Labor Leader

Chavez brought attention to the plight of farmworkers and with Dolores Huerta formed the National Farm Workers Association in 1962, which later became United Farm Workers 1972. As a labor leader, Activist Chavez led marches, and went on several hunger strikes. He brought national awareness to the dangers of pesticides to workers’ health. His hard work earned him numerous friends and supporters, including Robert Kennedy and Jesse Jackson.

Personal Life

American labor leader Chavez married his high school sweetheart, Helen Fabela in 1948. He had eight children including Fernando, Sylvia, Linda, Eloise, Anna, Paul, Elizabeth, and Anthony.


It is mentioned that his hunger strikes resulted in his death on April 23, 1993, in San Luis, Arizona.

Commemorative Holiday

President Barack Obama of the United States declared in 2014 that March 31, Chavez’s birthday, will be observed as a memorial day.

Interesting Facts

  • Title: Cesar Chavez Biography
  • Name: Cesar Chavez
  • Birth Date: March 31, 1927
  • Birth State: Arizona
  • Birth City: Yuma
  • Birth Country: US
  • Gender: Male
  • Children: Elizabeth Chavez Villarino, Fernando Chavez, MORE
  • Spouse: Helen Fabela Chávez (m. 1948–1993)
  • Award: Presidential Medal of Freedom (1994)
  • Parents: Librado Chávez, Juana Estrada Chavez
  • Siblings: Richard Chavez, Rita Chavez Medina, Vicki Chavez Lastra, Librado Chavez
  • Net Worth: $85 million
  • Known For: Union leader Cesar Chavez known for improving treatment, pay, and working conditions for farm workers.
  • Death Date: April 23, 1993
  • Death City: San Luis
  • Death Country: United States
  • Author: Celeblifegrphy.com Editors


  • If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…The people who give you their food give you their heart.
  • If you want to remember me, organize!
  • The burdens of generations of poverty and powerlessness lie heavy in the fields of America. If we fail, there are those who will see violence as the shortcut to change.
  • We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.
  • The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.